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3rd Shift Supervisor – Warehouse

Housekeeping – At the beginning of each shift, employees will receive their aisle assignments. Supervisors will be responsible for ensuring all assignments are complete and meet client expectations. Trailer and Work Assignments – Supervisors are responsible for properly spotting trailers. Inbound Put-away – Hourly employees are responsible for bay-locating freight geographically. In turn, the Supervisors are responsible for ensuring this process is adhered to. Supervisors must check all completed inbound checklist to ensure procedures are followed. Outbound Process –outbound loads must be inspected by a Supervisor/Lead and accompanied by a load quality form. Accountability – All employee issues/disciplinary action must be addressed immediately. Supervisors will be responsible for these actions. In addition, all issues must be reported to the Facility/Operations Managers. Supervisor/Lead-Man Presence on the Dock – Supervisors are responsible for the actions/productivity of their Lead FLO’s. The main responsibility of the lead-dock man is to monitor employee production, safety, and availability to assist dock employees. In the same respect, Supervisors must monitor the dock on a regular basis. This includes walking/inspecting all areas of the operation. Employee Training – All employees are to be trained in all aspects of the job (inbound, outbound, inventory, etc.). Supervisors are responsible for insuring every employee is capable of every job function. Compensation and hours: Varying hours between 4pm – 4:30am, Thursday – Sunday; must be able to train on 1st shift (7am – 3:30pm, $15.25/hour. Submit your resume here