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Medical Equipment Billing Representative

Position is located in Lebanon! The following are essential job accountabilities: Responds to mail received from insurance companies requesting additional information within 5 days. Rebills claim as indicated by insurance company or patient, making sure that initial problem is resolved. Researches and recommends to supervisor third party adjustments or collection follow up. Performs accounts receivable follow up on unpaid accounts using procedures determined by size of the claim. Follows procedures on documentation of any A/R activity. Maintains majority of A/R accounts in 90 days or less category. Works with patients on payment plans and monitors for compliance. Runs daily posting report and verifies that it matches their daily deposit and submits to supervisor. Receives and accurately applies money within one working day. Makes appropriate adjustments related to posting of money. Responds to rejections, non-payments, and inquires on patients’ accounts. Sends out invoices within one working day. Demonstrates knowledge of payor regulations. Researches and resolves payer issues: makes appropriate calls to insurance carriers. Enters New or updated patient data into computer accurately. Finishes work on a daily basis as per weekly review by supervisor. Collects required medical documentation according to guidelines and regulatory agencies. Verifies electronically if patient had same or similar product in the last five years. Completes forms if information is missing as required documentation. Verifies that patient data is correct with every patient interaction. Always has current authorization number on file for insurance companies requiring information. Follows up on expired authorization within 48 hrs. Always takes referral orders while transcribing information correctly. Always verifies insurance coverage before delivery. Always informs patient of financial responsibility before delivery. Submit your resume here