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Employee Reviews

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“Highly recommend! This temp agency is the best I’ve ever worked with! Extremely responsive, all staff is respectful and love the level of professionalism. Especially from my recruiter, Jenny. Thank you all for being so patient and working hard to find me a position. Not only did you find me a position so quickly l, you took the time to check in with me weekly and you found me everything I was looking for! So appreciative for you and all your help!!!” –  Google Review

“Best temp agency by far! I applied for a job on Tuesday, had an interview today (Thursday) and was hired pretty much on the spot. I’ve been with other temp agencies in the past and they were not nearly as helpful as Jenny and Sesame Temps. THANK YOU JENNY!!!!” – Google Review

“Jenny at Sesame Temp was awesome. So helpful and made my job hunting so easy! She was very detailed and gave me instruction every day on what was needed to land my perfect job back in the travel industry. Thank you sooo much to your staff!” – Google Review

“My review on sesame would be that it is very clean and organized work environment and definitely use their employee’s strengths to be very efficient in the workplace.” – Indeed Review

“I learned that no job was menial, and that in any job I can make a difference. I learned that details in how a job was done that maybe made no sense to me at the time were very important to our vendors.” – Indeed Review

The position Krystal was able to place me in was a position in an organization I had applied to directly and had been rejected from. This position had a lot of prerequisites and Krystal helped me to navigate them. I greatly appreciate Krystal’s positive attitude, timely response, and personal attention. Working with her was a great experience. – Beate’ Ervin

“I have been using Sesame Temps, intermittently, for nearly 30 years. They have always managed to come through for me by either placing me as a temp or helping find a temp to hire position. They never give up on trying to place me and Krystal has been my biggest support through the tough process of re-entering the workforce. After a terrible experience with one of their competitors, I decided to return to Sesame, where I’m treated like a human being. They have already placed me with a long-term assignment with an excellent organization, doing a job where I can make a difference. Thank you, Krystal and the Sesame team!” – Charlotte Albert

“They always find me great jobs and always treat me the best that they possibly can!!” – Casey Adams

“I’ve worked for Sesame a few different times in my life at this point. They have always done their best to place me in a job quickly and one that matches up with my skills well and has the potential to be temp-to-hire.” – Indeed Review

“Sesame Temp agency was very easy to work with. They have great staff that does their job well and accurately and continues to keep up after you’ve been hired” – Indeed Review

“Good place to work when I have availability .Available all week day shift.” – Michael Dutton

“I loved working here. They really work with you and for you. Sesame Temps wants to see you do well. They match you up with the best factory for you. The people there are always so nice.” – Indeed Review

“I usually find decent work during transitions in my profession. Usually, pretty flexible.” – Trev Williams

“Sesame gave me a job on an emergency basis, and I will be forever grateful for that. In a time of need, they placed me into a job right away so I could have income coming in.” – Indeed Review

“Staff is amazing. They are friendly and professional. I’ve been to enough staffing agencies in York and some only care about filling their jobs, others only cater to you if you commit to being a robot for 50+hrs a week and to some, this field is all about competing with other agencies and providing as much workers to the customer as possible. Not all care about their workers as much as they should. Sesame temps, in one day, took time to understand what I was looking for and Krystal had the perfect match for me with an opportunity for advancement thank you so much. I am so excited to start my new job ” – Zariylee DeJesus

“I would definitely recommend Sesame Temps! Great group of people and with their help I was hired on through the company I temped for. Thank you Krystal and Sherry!” – Verna Santos

“I have nothing but good things to say about this employer. They were always friendly, courteous and accessible. I was promptly placed in a job assignment with a company that I was ultimately hired by, based on my work performance and attendance.” – Indeed Review

“I cannot thank the team at Sesame enough for helping me find a new full-time position in a just over one month’s time! Their staff was extremely helpful, kind, and worked with me to ensure I was prepared for all stages of the interview process. They even helped me find temporary employment opportunities to make extra money while job-searching. Would 10/10 recommend!” – Bryant Hughes

“I had a great experience with Sesame Personnel Agency they took the time to analyze my resume, gave me some helpful tips on how to do interviews and made the best effort to set me up with a good job that match my experiences . Krystal Adams and Sherry Shoup are great Coordinators, they are cheerful, optimistic and professional they make a great team.” – Norma Lopez

“Great place, never an issue, honest and upfront about any issue and everything you may need help with… management was always available when you needed them if not they would always call you back asap.” – Indeed Review

“This was my first experience with a temp agency and they were recommended to me. Sesame was very diligent in matching my skill set with my salary requirements.”  – Denise Arnold

“I have worked for Sesame for 6 years and really like the fact that I can get paid vacation and holidays. I enjoy working for them and have never had any problems. The staff is very nice and helpful.” – Jose Diaz

“They are wonderful, caring people to work for and I would work for them again if I ever needed to. They found me a job that I absolutely love!” – Susan Gallagher

“I relocated from Maryland and was looking for a new start. I was told to seek out Sesame Temps and I was not disappointed. The staff was totally professional and very courteous. Within two weeks I had a new job in the career field I was looking for and at the salary I had in mind.” – Kevin Williams

I have multiple felonies on my record and it hasn’t even been five years let alone seven. I went to Sesame today filled out and application did an interview and had a temp to hire job ready for me when I left and it’s $11 an hour.-Ben Carson

“Krystal and Sherry are absolutely wonderful ! No matter what situation you are in these 2 ladies will work with you. They are always respectful, and professional. Even after I was placed in a full time position they would check in and make sure that everything was okay. I would recommend sesame temps to anyone. I would also recommend working with either of these two wonderful, harding ladies.”  – Andrea Mergler

“The staffing specialists here are so incredibly helpful and kind. Sherry, the clerical specialist, helped me get a job as quickly as she could and went above and beyond to make it happen for me, all while keeping me informed with constant vigilance and being a sweetheart on top of it. Highly recommend seeing her if you need a clerical position.”  – Megan Ohrt

“Sesame Temps Inc. Gave me a way into a awesome job at Graham Packaging Company I thank them for giving me the opportunity.” – Josenrique Betancourt

“I’ve had 2 different positions through sesame. Both times I’ve worked with Krystal. She is absolutely amazing! I’ve always been treated with respect and in a professional manner. If you need clerical work, contact her!” – Elizabeth Miller

 “They are wonderful people!” – Sheena Grove

“Krystal is awesome. Very helpful and professional.”  – Sabrina Richardson

“This review is long overdue, but definitely worth reporting. In the past, I have worked for Sesame in several different positions and consistently have received kind service. All the employees were personable and considerate to me and my situation. I would highly recommend going to their office if you are in need of employment. They will happily help you find something that meets your needs and schedule. I would also like to give a shout out to Krystal and Sherry. They are absolutely wonderful. I feel that some of these reviews are biased, because I honestly feel like Krystal and Sherry do a great job.”  – Kristen Ward

“I am very thankful to Sherry and Krystal for finding me work which ultimately lead to a full time job! They are tenacious in pursuit of new employers and excel at matching folks with the right employer.  I also want to thank Karen and her crew for faithfully sending my check each week. I highly recommend Sesame Temps!” – Liz Karevicius