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Time cards must be signed by the company supervisor at the end of each assignment or end of each week, and must be in Sesame’s office by Monday, 12:00 NOON, for payday on Thursday

You can email a signed copy of your timesheet to payroll@sesametemps.com & Karen@sesametemps.com; please make sure to include both email addresses.

Payday is every Thursday 7am- 4:00pm.  Direct Deposit is available as well as paper checks. If you’re unable to pick up your paycheck, Sesame will mail it to your last known address at the end of the business day on Thursday. 

In the event you would like someone else to pick up your check, you must send a note along with them giving them permission and they must have picture ID with them.  Stop payments on checks will not be issued until 3 weeks after check date and there will be Stop Payment Fee of $40.00 deducted from your paycheck.  FORGED TIME SLIPS AND/OR FORGED PAYCHECKS WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW.